Trump Impeachment Process Terminated?

The day after the United States House of Representatives voted to impeach President Donald Trump, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi suddenly stopped the impeachment process.

He reportedly delayed sending articles (articles) of impeachment charges to the Republican-controlled US Senate.

The New York Times reports that there is currently a debate between Democrats who control the US House of Representatives. Because some suggest to postpone the sending of articles and others recommend not sending them at all to the Senate.

Therefore, it is likely that the new impeachment article will be sent to the Senate next year.

Especially on Thursday (12/19/2019) yesterday, after the vote on the two articles of impeachment was carried out, members of the DPR reportedly left the city to undergo a two-week holiday period. They did not even choose a manager to take care of the impeachment process to the Senate.

“We are (in fact) ready,” Pelosi said, referring to his readiness to send the article of impeachment or determine which MPs will be asked to sue the case to Trump until he believes the trial process in the Senate can be carried out fairly.

“When we know what they have (ammunition in the Republican-controlled US Senate), we will know who and how much we will send (impeachment articles).”

By delaying the submission of the articles, Pelosi seemed to want to see Trump and the Senate strategy. It is likely that Trump will pressure US Senate Chair Mitch McConnell, a Republican member, to commit to him including the matter of witnesses during the trial.

Meanwhile, Trump said that he wanted the trial to take place immediately so he could reveal his defense and clear his name.

“Pelosi feels the impeachment of his engineering, HOAKS is so sad that he is afraid to hand it over to the Senate, which can be set to date and make this FRAUD fail if they (the Senate) refuse to open it! (Democrats who) Do Nothing is a bad thing for our country, “he wrote on the @realDonaldTrump Twitter account, Friday (12/20/2019).

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