US Announces Coronavirus Health Emergency Status

WASHINGTON – The United States (US) has announced a state of health emergency related to the spread of the Corona virus, Friday (1/31). Washington will ban foreigners who have recently visited China from entering the country.

Not only that, US citizens who traveled to Hubei Province, China in the past two weeks, were required to undergo quarantine for 14 days. While those who visit other provinces or regions in China must undergo a special health examination.

Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Robert Redfield said the US Government took such steps following the establishment of the Corona virus outbreak as an international emergency by the World Health Organization (WHO). He wants the case of the Corona virus in the US to remain low. There are currently seven confirmed cases of the Corona virus in Northern California.

“I want to emphasize that this is a serious health situation in China. But I want to emphasize that the risk to the American public is currently low. Our aim is to do everything we can to stay that way,” Redfield said.

Earlier this week the US evacuated nearly 200 of its citizens from Wuhan, the city that was the source or center of the Corona virus outbreak. They were held for 72 hours at a California military air base. CDC also ordered that they be quarantined for 14 days. It was the CDC’s first quarantine order in 50 years.

WHO has declared the corona virus outbreak as an international health emergency on Thursday (30/1). This was announced after the virus case reached 18 countries.

Until Saturday (1/2) morning, the number of victims killed by the Corona virus had reached 259 people. Chinese citizens infected with the virus have continued to increase and currently the number reaches 11,821 people.

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