Palestine Disconnects Security Relations with the US and Israel

CAIRO – The Palestinian Authority severed all relations with the United States (US) and Israel, including those relating to security. This step was taken after Palestinians rejected the Middle East peace plan announced by US President Donald Trump.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas was in Cairo to attend a meeting with the Arab League. The one-day emergency meeting discussed the steps of the Arab League after Trump’s announcement of a peace plan.

“We have told Israel and the United States that there will be no relationship at all with them. Including security relations,” said Abbas, speaking at a meeting with the Arab League.

Israeli security forces and the Palestinian Authority have long cooperated in protecting the occupied West Bank and under Palestinian control. In addition, the Palestinian Authority also has an intelligence cooperation agreement with the CIA. This cooperation agreement continues after the Palestinian boycott of the peace efforts initiated by the Trump administration in 2017.

Abbas said he refused to discuss the peace plan with Trump via telephone. He also refused to accept a copy of the peace proposal for further study.

“Trump asked me to talk to him by telephone. But I said no and he wanted to send me a letter, but I refused,” Abbas said.

The Middle East peace plan to resolve the Israeli and Palestinian conflict is considered unfair. In the peace proposal, the US recognized Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem as an inseparable capital of Israel.

A meeting of Arab League foreign ministers in Cairo said the peace plan did not meet the aspirations of the Palestinians. The Arab League insisted it would not implement the peace proposal.

Arab League ministers reiterated the Palestinian rights to create a future state based on land captured and occupied by Israel in the 1967 Middle East war. Foreign ministers from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan who became close allies of the US, and Iraq and Lebanon said peace would not be created without recognizing Palestinian rights to establish a state within pre-1967 territories.

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