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Everything you Need to Know About Aleppo’s Siege

Muhammad Al-Ghazi 2

Muhammad Al-Ghazi

Aleppo has long been under threat of siege, the people of Aleppo have long known this and for this reason the various rebel factions in Aleppo have have carried out campaigns such as “lan tuhashar Halab” or Aleppo shall not be besieged, having mentioned that it is well known that these campaigns were carried out to boost the morale of the inhabitants of the city as pretty much all institutions in Aleppo were stacking up supplies.

The threat of siege of course did not come from thin air, the routes into rebel controlled Aleppo are two: either through the Ramoosa route or the Castello route.The Castello route was initially under rebel control and anything going in or out of rebel controlled Aleppo would go through the Castello route, as for the Ramoosa route it was under regime control, after a change in fortunes the regime took control of the Castello route, besieging Aleppo.

Aleppo was besieged for a month and ten days until “Jaysh Al-Fath” or “the army of conquest” led a huge operation to open the Ramoosa route into rebel controlled Aleppo, multiple military commanders here in northern Syria have told On the Ground News that the projected time for this operation was four to six months, however the operations room managed to open the route in six days, commander Abu Al-Abed from the Islamic movement Ahrar Al-Sham said: “No one expected this operation to be successful in such a short time period.”

The operation was started by what the Islamic factions call a “martydom operation”.  It was carried out by a member of Jabhat Fath Al-Sham which was previously known as Jabhat Al-Nusra. The operation was carried out in The College of Weaponry, rebel fighters then poured through the college and into the rest of the military complex in the area until the entirety of the seven kilo meter Artillery College was captured by the various rebel factions thus breaking the siege of Aleppo.

Today is the 4th of September 2016 it is 6:27pm, the regime has led a fierce offensive on the Artillery College and re-captured it, thus Aleppo is once again under siege.

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