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‘Real Reasons Aleppo fell Revealed’

‘Real Reasons Aleppo Fell Revealed’
In an unprecendented interview OGN’s Bilal Abdul Kareem interviews Abu Abd the former leader of rebel forces in besieged Aleppo. We are given a glimpse of what really took place in those final days from the leader’s perspective.
It is rare in war torn Syria that an interview is done revealing names, both individual and group names, that (from the leadership’s point of view) led to the fall of such a strategic territory. Abu Abd felt that it was important that people fully understood the mistakes made in Aleppo so that they are not repeated. Likewise he felt some names needed to be mentioned so that those groups and individuals would be scrutinized and questioned to explain their actions.
Shocking claims that rebel forces requested digging equipment from their ‘neighbor’ who is also an ally so that they could dig tunnels and break the siege but strangely their request was denied are revealed for the first time. This and other occurrances that are spoken of in the interview led to the conclusion that unknown international agreements contributed to the fall of Aleppo.



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