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Syrian Rebel Group Jund Al Aqsa is No More

Muhammad Al-GhaziBy Muhammad Al Gazi

Fighting broke out the day before yesterday between two rebel factions in the north of Syria, Jund Al-Aqsa and Ahrar Al-Sham.  Jund Al Aqsa has long been accused by other factions of having deep ISIS affiliations and of hosting undercover ISIS agents in their ranks.

The fighting started as a result of members of the group, Jund Al-Aqsa, being accused of planting explosives under a convoy of cars which was heading off to Jarablous to join the fight against ISIS which resulted in the death and injury of members of the group Faylaq Al Sham.

Ahrar responded by making arrests on Jund members in the city of Idlib.  Jund was also accused of kidnapping an Ahrar commander and publicly executing him.

Ahrar’s religious leadership then issued a verdict which called for fighting against Jund. The verdict was signed by up to 15 Islamic scholars from inside the Syrian territories.

Jabhat Fath Al-Sham responded to this verdict by stating “we have up to 4000 fighters ready to be dispatched to stop fighting if hostilities continue between the groups”.

Jund then released a statment in which they declared their allegiance to Jabhat Fath Al-Sham under the pretext of stopping blood from being spilt.  Effectively this means that Jund Al Aqsa ceases to exist and is absorbed into Jabha Fath Sham.  Group officials continue their probe into allegations against Jund Al Aqsa and vow to bring wrongdoers, if any, to justice.

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