Monday, July 09, 2018
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Regime Forces Fail to Advance for a Third Straight Day

In besieged eastern Aleppo regime forces launched a fierce aerial bombardment campaign that is still ongoing.  Their forces have been trying to continue their march that led them to extremely successful gains last week.  However it appears that the rebels have begun to dig in as they frustrated regime forces from taking any additional territory for a third straight day.

This all comes amid a backdrop of new rebel leadership under one commander.  While there have been joint operations rooms shared by rebel groups in Aleppo in the past, this is the first time that the groups have come together under one leader.

New rebel leader Abu Al Abd has thus far rallied rebel forces to stop the regime’s land grab.  Rebels cite that they are now able to distribute their resources and face the enemy more effectively under one leader.

In other developments, ISIS launched two large scale attacks in the area of Palmyra and today captured two villages in the Homs countryside the countryside. has received unconfirmed reports that regime forces are diverting resources from the Aleppo offensive to the Palmyra area to counter ISIS forces.

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