Monday, May 28, 2018
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Residents Flee as Regime forces Squeeze Rebels

Today was another intense day in the besieged territories of Aleppo.  Rebel forces and civilians continue to be squeezed into an even smaller and compact remaining area.  Both barrel bombs and missiles have been raining down on the remaining territory under rebel control creating a mass exodus from one end of the city to the other.

Women can be seen carrying babies and small children while the men carry bags and other belongings leading them to safer ground.  Vacant apartments who’s owner may have fled Syria are broken into so as to accommodate suffering families as the cold night sets in.  Many of them simply go into a neighborhood and start asking for someone to accommodate them.  “We have no one to help us now except Allaah”, one refugee said.  “May Allaah curse Bashar Assad”, said another.

In other news, rebel forces have been fighting intense clashes in the area of Husseiniyya, Bustan Al Qasr, Aziza, and Shaykh Saeed. Pickup trucks carrying fighters to the various front lines can easily be seen speeding through the streets.

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