Friday, May 25, 2018
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Regime Forces on the Move

Update from Aleppo: Regime forces are on the move as rebel defenses buckle in the Sakhour area. Our team just left the neighbourhood of Sha’ar which is directly next to the Sakhour area which just fell to regime forces in its entirety last night and we witnessed a scene of chaos and pandemonium.

We saw scores of families piling whatever they could carry onto vehicles vacating their homes in the Sha’ar neighborhood. Several barrel bombs landed in our immediate area in the short span of time we were there.

Trucks with families in tow have been pouring deeper into rebel controlled territory fleeing the onslaught. Other reports have fleeing families heading into the Shaykh Maqsood area which is under Kurdish control.  

Kurdish forces in the Shaykh Maqsood area support the regime’s assault on eastern Aleppo.

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