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Life Under Siege in Aleppo: Quiet Streets

Muhammad Al-Ghazi Final

Muhammad Ghazi

People are in constant need of items to keep life going, however in no single place will you find that all lifes necessities are all readily available in there entirety, therefore naturally items are imported to fulfill the various and many needs of people, under siege import is non-existent and the effects of this can be seen at lighting fast pace.

Within the first two days of the siege of Aleppo all fruits and vegetables disappeared off the market with the exception of aubergines and peppers. Food goods such as instant noodles and other quick meals have vanished off the market since the first day of the siege. Families are limited in the amount of bread that they are allowed to buy due to a fear of supplies depleting. Bread factories are producing limited supplies of bread due to limited supplies of flour and a shortage of diesel to power up equipment.

Fuel supplies are scarce and that is visible in terms of the cars that are on the road, most fuel stations are turning buyers away due to no fuel being available. Petrol is non-existent. Fuel stations are also being targeted by regime aircraft. Yesterday a fuel station was targeted with a barell bomb which led to the killing of five people. Today another fuel station was also targeted with an unkown number of casualties.

Medical Supplies are scarce and quickly depleting, especially due to the amount of fatalities and injuries that come into the hospitals. Hospitals are also being targeted, Today an air strike struck close to a hospital which led to the deaths of many.

In conclusion, supplies are quickly depleting, the markets have nearly become empty and roughly 65-70 percent of the city’s shops are closed.

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