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Only 200 out of 350,000 Trapped Civilians try entering Regime Side

Proof of Russian Deception at Humanitarian Crossing

This morning at approximately 8am a small group of approximately 50-60 people gathered in Bustan Qasr, a rebel controlled neighborhood in Aleppo, to cross over to regime held territory. The group is considerably small bearing in mind there are 350,000 trapped civilians in Eastern Aleppo. As the small group was attempting to cross into regime territory sniper fire rang out and mortar shells began to land dispersing the crowd.
State run news agency Russia Today, stated in an article this morning found on their website at this address:

that mortar fire did indeed land as civilians were attempting to cross over, of course blaming the rebel side. In addition (Russia Today) stated the following disputed account:
“Reports on civilian casualties were not immediately available. The Aleppo residents, some sick and wounded, were trying to flee Islamist-controlled eastern Aleppo with an escort from UN and Syrian Red Crescent.”
OGN obtained a statement from Doctor Abu Taym who is the director of the Syrian Red Crescent in Eastern Aleppo wherein he categorically denied any Syrian Red Crescent escort was present to escort anyone at Bustan Al Qasr.
“I confirm that the Arab Syrian Red Cresent has not involved itself in anything to do with the crossings the regime has proposed to open into its territorries. Neither the crossing in Bustan Al-Qasr nor any other crossing…”
The full audio statement can be heard here:

When OGN asked rebel commander Abu Muhammad in Bustan Al Qasr if they shelled civilians trying to leave he said: “Why would we bomb our own territory and fighters as we were all mixed with the civilians when the shells fell? Its an absolutely ridiculous claim, as usual, from the government.”

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