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Did the US Target Rebel Forces Preparing to Break Aleppo Siege?

Rumours have surfaced that rebel forces believe Jabha Fatah Sham (formerly Jabha Nusra) commander Abu Hajar al Homsi was killed yesterday by a US aircraft.  The attack took place in the village of Kafr Naha.  It was believed that another commander Abu Muslim Shami was killed in the attack as well.  However, pictures have surfaced showing that he survived the strike.

Much of the anger stemming from this attack is connected to the preparations that Abu Hajar was said to be making along with his aides from Jabha Fatah Sham to attempt to break the siege which has encircled Aleppo for a second time.  Rebels believe that should the siege be broken again by rebel forces, it will cancel a deal that is trying to be struck between the US and Russia diplomats regarding a ceasefire.

It is worth noting that the potential ceasefire deal being negotiated currently is not a ceasefire in general, but a ceasefire only in areas that the US and Russia agree not to be targeted.  This means that areas containing ISIS and Jabha Fatah Sham members are allowed to be targeted.  ISIS territory is always exclusive to them and is never shared by any other group.  However Jabha Fatah Sham doesn’t actually exclusively control any territory and is part of a co-administration of other groups in territories in the north of Syria.  This leads to visions of the last “ceasefire” negotiated a few months ago wherein rebels were expected to stop fighting while rockets continued to rain down in territories under their control under the guise of  “fighting terrorists”.

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