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3 Things we Learned from the People of Darayaa being Kicked out of their Homes

Elderly Man on a Bus Leaving Darayaa

By Bilal Abdul Kareem

After being besieged for the past 4 years in Darayaa a deal has been reached with the Syrian government. The civilian residents will be transported from their homes and the Darayaa territory to government controlled suburbs in Damascus while the approximately 600 fighters will be transferred to Jaysh Al Fath controlled territory in the province of Idlib. With this in mind we learn 3 things:

1. The United Nations is a Powerless Organisation…Sometimes
In a statement De Mistura said: “It is tragic that repeated appeals to lift the siege of Darayaa, besieged since November 2012, and cease the fighting, have never been heeded.”
It is interesting that military might and political will for draconian sanctions can be found when it comes to invading countries because certain members of the UN stand to benefit. You will even find strong rhetoric like: “The world community simply will not stand for…” or “We have a responsibility to…” etc.  Yet when it comes to Syria the best we could come up with is: “It is tragic…”. Where were the statements of “It is tragic that we asked ISIS to stop murdering people in Europe but they simply wouldn’t listen to us…”?  Actually it was just the opposite as there was no shortage of tough talk from the international community. ISIS has only killed a micro fraction of the number killed by Assad, however ISIS gets special attention because they kill Europeans while Assad just kills arabs.  Conclusion: All blood is not the same
2. Message from the International Community: Fight or Die

Certain realities I believe have to present themselves. 5 years of pictures of dead children, hysterical mothers, and starving old men in besieged territories has done nothing to motivate the international community to focus on the underlying cause of the Syrian crisis. Bashar Assad and his allies are untouched internationally. Thus it leads us to possibly come to one conclusion: there is no political solution to this conflict. Either Assad and his allies take back the territories or the rebels continue to advance. All of those who may not like that as a potential singular solution, please feel free to help us understand any other alternatives so it can be discussed.                                                               Conclusion: There is no cavalry coming over the hill.
3.  If You wear a Suit and Tie you are not a Terrorist                                                                                          A few months ago in May a small bit of aid came into the besieged territory, but as soon as the convoys left the bombings resumed to devastate the remaining population. Did Assad assume that no one was watching? In this age of Tweets and Facebook likes it is unlikely he assumed that, however it is more likely he simply didn’t care if you saw it or not. What exactly were you going to do about it anyway?  Assad knew that if ever there was any international pressure on him to do anything, he could simply cry “…but I’m fighting terrorism!” and the international community would simply say “Oh! Ok.” and that would end the discussion. Just look at the report US official issued this past Wednesday stating that Assad did indeed use chlorine attacks against civilians (something everyone already knew). Where was the international condemnation? Where was the demand that Assad be held accountable? Nothing more than a muted response from Washington and a watered down statement that said: “The United States will work with our international partners to seek accountability through appropriate diplomatic mechanisms, including through the United Nations Security Council and the [Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons]. We urge all U.N. member states and parties to the Chemical Weapons Convention, including Russia and Iran, to participate in this effort,” said Ned Price, spokesman for the White House-based National Security Council.                                                                                                                                                       Conclusion: Feel free to kill as many people as you want, however you want, as long as you show your face while doing it and wear a T-shirt that says: “Fighting Terror”.

Bilal Abdul Kareem

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