Sunday, May 27, 2018
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Children Massacred in Regime/Russian Airstrike

As the residents of the village of Haas, Idlib in Syria woke up to start the day, they noticed the all too familiar sound of regime/Russian jets circling overhead.  The jets never circle for such a period of time unless they are targeting something.  Everyone knew they were going to strike but no one knew where or when.
Then, at approximately 11am local time when the elementary school was full of children and the marketplace was in full swing, the  jets struck. Both the marketplace and the school were apparently on the kill list along with several other houses in the area.  26 dead and more than 100 injured are the initial numbers.
As residents tried to pull out the dead and search for any survivors, they had to constantly run back and forth as war planes continued to swarm overhead as they feared the rescuers would be targeted as well.
As the chaos in the local hospital began to subside and screaming mothers began to accept that their children had been killed and were not coming home, hospital staff began cleaning the floors that were covered in the blood of children who had no idea why they were being killed.


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