Saturday, April 22, 2017
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5 Years of Blood Flowing in Syrian Streets

Muhammad Zulfikar Rakhmat Opinion Editorial I still remember well my days in 2011. I sat in my apartment watching flying bullets and ouƭrageous cries while super-advanced fighter aircraft directed their missiles towards schools and hospitals. Today, five years later, nothing has changed. Killing, bombing, and torture, are now a persisting day-of-life for the

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Rebel Groups Perceive US-Russian Conspiracy

Muhammad Al-Ghazi Jabhat Fath Sham (previously Jabhat Nusra) issued a statement titled "Russian-American agreement... a new conspiracy, a united stance" dated 13/09/2016.  In the statement they thanked their fellow rebel groups in their statement for standing alongside them after American and Russian attempts to once again marginalise JFS from the Syrian

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Elderly Man on a Bus Leaving Darayaa

3 Things we Learned from the People of Darayaa being Kicked out of their Homes

By Bilal Abdul Kareem After being besieged for the past 4 years in Darayaa a deal has been reached with the Syrian government. The civilian residents will be transported from their homes and the Darayaa territory to government controlled suburbs in Damascus while the approximately 600 fighters will be transferred to Jaysh

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Major Islamic Factions in Syria ‘Moving Towards Unification’

By OGN Staff In a move that has the potential to represent the biggest shift of power in the Syrian territories since the Russian military joined the war, leaders of the major north Syrian groups have hinted that an announcement concerning their merger may be imminent. It is purported that the following

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Amnesty International: ‘17,723 Detainees Died in Syria Custody Since 2011’

By OGN Staff (reporting from Syria) 17,723.  Remember this number.  According to Amnesty international’s new report it is the number of detainees who have “died” in custody since 2011 in Syria.  17,723.  Keeping in mind that the real toll is most likely significantly higher, however lets stick to this number for now. Many have

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