Friday, April 06, 2018
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3 Questions to Clarify What’s Really Happening in Aleppo

Another ultimatum by Syrian and Russian forces for civilians to vacate rebel controlled eastern Aleppo and for armed groups to exit through separate corridors, has come and gone.  It is the 2nd such unilateral ceasefire/humanitarian pause in 3 weeks.  Many are saying that eastern Aleppo is “finished”. There are three questions

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5 Years of Blood Flowing in Syrian Streets

Muhammad Zulfikar Rakhmat Opinion Editorial I still remember well my days in 2011. I sat in my apartment watching flying bullets and ouƭrageous cries while super-advanced fighter aircraft directed their missiles towards schools and hospitals. Today, five years later, nothing has changed. Killing, bombing, and torture, are now a persisting day-of-life for the

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Rebel Groups Perceive US-Russian Conspiracy

Muhammad Al-Ghazi Jabhat Fath Sham (previously Jabhat Nusra) issued a statement titled "Russian-American agreement... a new conspiracy, a united stance" dated 13/09/2016.  In the statement they thanked their fellow rebel groups in their statement for standing alongside them after American and Russian attempts to once again marginalise JFS from the Syrian

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