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Bombs Rain Down as Rebels Unite in Aleppo

The skies above Syria have opened up.  Russian air strikes have been pounding rebel controlled territory for the past few days.  At least 4 hospitals in the Aleppo and Idlib countrysides have been either put out of service or severely damaged.

However up until several hours ago, besieged Aleppo had been largely quiet, actually there had not been a reported airstrike inside the besieged territories for approximately three weeks.  That all changed just a few hours ago. Low flying warplanes screamed overhead as rebels targeted them with anti-aircraft batteries trying to force them off course or bring them down.

Aleppo hospitals began filling up with the wounded.  Hardest hit areas were the Sukary, Firdous, and Saliheen neighborhoods.  Russian Defense Minister, Sergey Shoigu, told journalists that the flagship aircraft carrier of the Russian navy, Admiral Kuznetsov, has taken part in the operation.  Shoigu also said that cruise missiles were used in the offensive as well.

The following towns and villages have been targeted today alone by Russian warplanes around the country:

Eastern Aleppo


Ma’ra Numaan


Nabi Ayoub

Kafr Nubl



Khan Shaykhoon

Al Kinda



Mukhayim Kafr Houm





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