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Battle for Aleppo Appears Imminent

This morning at 4am local time two hospitals in Aleppo were hit with airstrikes putting them out of service.  This comes at a time when the rebel section of Aleppo is besieged and medical supplies are low.  It also comes into question if these two vital hospitals will even be put back into service as there are no parts able to enter into the besieged territories.

Aleppo is currently facing an fierce aerial campaign from regime forces who have vowed to take back the rebel controlled territories. Last week the strategic Handarat refugee camp, which has been under rebel control, was taken by regime forces.  However Assad’s forces were unable to maintain their hold on the territory and were forced to flee under a rebel onslaught.  The territory currently is back under rebel control.

Rebels appear to be gearing up to mount a major offensive.  Pick up trucks have been seen going throughout the streets of Aleppo with huge speakers mounted on them informing the people that the battle is about to start and they will soon be free.  Saudi born cleric Dr. Abdullah Muhaysini’s recordings can be heard in the streets saying: “We have no doubt that Allaah will help us.  So prepare yourselves from inside (the siege) and attack them.  Our attack will be fiercer than our first (when the siege was broken).”

The rebel group Jaysh Al Fath, who Muhaysini is affiliated with, broke the first government siege approximately a month and a half ago, appears to have gained additional firepower with the groups Nuruddin Zinky and Suqour Sham joining their ranks.

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