Saturday, March 03, 2018
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3 thoughts on “After the Fall of Mosul & Raqqa: What’s to be done with ISIS Fighters?

  1. Regarding rehab of Isis fighters on case by case basis—adoption of taqiyya-religion justifies lying—no one can get into another’s mind to judge possibility of these brainwashed fighters focused daily on taqiyya for being successfully rehabilitated. Kill them all. Their actions and aligiances do not deserve any break or any sympathy. Their actions were worse, far worse than nazis…save your sympathy for people who were not isis

  2. INTERESTING LEGAL ISSUE—are Isis fighters children innocent. Perhaps depends on what the kids did. Cubs of the caliphate are at least comparable to hitler youth, many of whom were killed off outright to prevent the werewolf resistance. Why take any chance or risk by considering the Cubs as innocent children. Certainly offspring over 15 should be fully accountable for their actions, which in this case suggests a a death penalty for offspring with blood on their hands. AL Qaeda and bin laden himself were notable for executing two young Egyptian children for spying.

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