Thursday, April 05, 2018
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Russian Ballistic Missile Lands in E. Aleppo


This afternoon residents of eastern Aleppo witnessed as scores of airstrikes demolished building after building.  The streets were buzzing with the sounds of screeching tires and car horns as the injured were ferried from blast sites to whatever is left of the medical sector.

One of the airstrikes failed to detonate.  As filmed by OGN staff, a ballistic missile that appears to have been fired from the sea did not explode.  This gave OGN staff an opportunity to examine the missile. Judging from the writing on the missile, in the Russian language, it seems that it is clearly Russian.

This incident appears to fly directly in the face of Russian claims that they are not participating in the Syrian regime offensive that has killed scores of civilians.  Raising even more doubts about Russian credibility in the Syrian conflict.

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