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5 Years of Blood Flowing in Syrian Streets

Muhammad Zulfikar RakhmatMuhammad Zulfikar Rakhmat

Opinion Editorial

I still remember well my days in 2011. I sat in my apartment watching flying bullets and ouƭrageous cries while super-advanced fighter aircraft directed their missiles towards schools and hospitals.

Today, five years later, nothing has changed. Killing, bombing, and torture, are now a persisting day-of-life for the Syrians. Schools are collapsed, houses of worship are bombed, and therefore the death toll continues to grow.

Indeed, the blood and tears of Syrian people have long been spilled for reasons not known to them. They do not know what wrongs they did towards their cruel rule so and so rockets and bombs are dropped off on the roofs of their homes. They also have no idea what sins they  committed to the extent that aircraft missiles are directed towards hospitals and busy marketplaces. The horrendous conflict has been going on for over five years, yet the innocents continue to wonder why all of this are happening.

In the meantime, politicians and policy makers bustle to search a solution that will offer them the most benefits, while innocent kids are killed and hospitals are destroyed. They care none about the cries and the bloods of the Syrians. What they do care is only their own interests. Their slogan ‘for the sake of Syrian people’ are nothing but a cosmetic necklace to appear dashing and humanist in the eyes of people.

Unfortunately, the mainstream media only report those stories that are in line with their interests, and the international community know very little, if anything, about what is truly happening on the ground.

Not long time ago, several photos and videos have emerged in the press of shell-shocked little children, lifeless bodies of innocent babies, and crying parents who just lost their long-awaited sons and daughters. They are not the first time and, unless we put an end to this conflict, it is far from being the last.

The ongoing conflict has displaced thousands from their country. Some have fled to Syria’s neighboring countries such as Jordan and Turkey while many have migrated to Europe and elsewhere. But none of these countries have welcomed these displaced people with open arms. Their number is not little. It is estimated that over eleven million people must leave their homes as a consequence of the conflict. If counted per day, since 2011, an average of fifty families per day have been forced to leave Syria.

Let’s remember that these are not just numbers written on the piece of paper. These are the lives of human beings, just like you and me.

Furthermore, those who sincerely want to bring peace to the blessed land are outrageously tortured, or worse, killed by barrel bombs.

Many of those abroad who wish to lend hands to help the sick and the poor are brainwashed into believing that their intentions are useless and would bring nothing, but more misery.

Let’s make it clear once again that genuine and serious efforts from all of us are needed by the Syrians to end their ongoing misery. Even though it remains unclear how to stop these, one thing needs to be remembered; if steps are not made, the entire of us will eventually have to pay the price.

Lastly, the time has come to lend whatever assistance we can to alleviate the suffering of our brethren in Syria. The conflict in Syria seems to never stop, unless we realise that we should be part of the solution.

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