Thursday, April 05, 2018
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11 Hospitals Destroyed

The hallways are quiet and some staff are quietly utilizing their time in various ways.  It has more of a library-like atmosphere than that of a hospital.

“Most patients are afraid to come because everyone knows that hospitals are targeted now more than ever,” said hospital administrator Abu Rami.  “It’s as if we are just sitting here waiting for our turn.  No one really cares.”

After a month of targeted airstrikes on hospitals around the liberated territories in northern Syria, citizens are forced to make a choice: can I do without medical treatment or should I risk an airstrike if I go to the hospital?

“My daughter has an infection.  I had no place else to take her.  I told her mother to stay at home in case I don’t make it back and she can take care of our other children,” said the father of a little 4 year old girl.

Regime forces and it’s allies seem to be making a concerted effort to destroy the medical sector in rebel controlled territory.  Airstrikes have been pounding away at hospitals rendering them out of service.

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